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The Council Meeting [Open]

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The Council Meeting [Open] Empty The Council Meeting [Open]

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:31 pm

Isuma stood in one of the many rooms in the administration building. He and the other Jounins and Anbu had been summoned here by the council to speak of a very important matter, Isuma knew it had to do with the village and was very significant for the future of the village. However, Isuma did not know what the meeting would consist of.  As he leaned against one of the walls with his arms closed, he would patiently wait for the others to arrive. His mind would ponder on what the meeting could be about. It could be dealing with the Takikage…but he have not heard or seen anything that would put his life in any danger as to call a meeting for…Nor do he know of any Intel that could potentially hurt the village…Could it be do to the council itself? Possibly…It could also be dealing with the recent drought we’ve had… many options this meeting will be very...interesting…

Isuma would watch through the window as Anbu guards would arrive and stand post outside the building, causing the curiosity of this called meeting to rise in him even more. This many Anbu to guard a single room… The Takikage definitely has to be involved in this somehow now…I hope nothing has come of him, the changing of a Kage is never all good. As he continued to look out the window, he could see the sun blaring down on all the buildings in view. Yea..this heat lately has not been could very well be apart of why this meeting was called...but then again...why were all the Anbu needed? Isuma turned his attention to the door as it opened and two Anbu walked in, covered in their armor and masks. “Boy…it’s so dry out …I hope this meeting is called to deal with this...I don’t know if I can take this much dryness much longer...I heard the river is starting to dry up as well…” The Anbu’s then noticed Isuma in the room and they all nodded at each other, acknowledging their presence before positioning themselves near the only other window.

Isuma would then watch as two more Anbu entered the room and the council members started to arrive, Isuma knew he had arrived early however did not know that he would have arrived this early...he was still the only Jounin to arrive. Cracking a small smile he thought to himself once more. I could have spent more time meditating had I known I would be this early to the supposed important meeting… Isuma would continue to stand leaning against near one of the windows waiting on more people to arrive.


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